Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave & Beach

Trinh Nu Cave – Trong Cave has become two familiar names to domestic and foreign tourists when choosing Ha Long as destination. Not only the gorgeous beauty that Mother nature has given to the 2 caves attracts visitors, but the legend behind the caves also evokes curiosity and interest among many people. For fishermen, Trinh Nu cave is their beloved home and for lovers, it is a place witnessing their vow of love.

Virgin Beach:

Virgin Beach is a stop normally designed for 3 day 2 night tour, which makes the beach less touristy than others with very few boats travel by.

Ảnh: Ảnh 2627 (UPDATE ẢNH CHỌN THÊM 0410), 2645, 2673, 2655, 2673

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The Origin of Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave:

A long time ago, there was a beautiful fisherman’s daughter, whose family was so poor that it was in the service of the rich landlord of the fishing zone. Captivated by her beauty, the rich landlord forced the family to give him the girl as a concubine. The girl protested, as she already had a lover, who at the time was on the high seas catching fish to prepare for their wedding. The landlord, angered by her refusal, exiled her to a wild island where she suffered from hunger and exhaustion. On one frightening night, amidst terrible rain and winds, she turned to stone, in what we now call Trinh Nu Cave or the “Virgin Cave”.

On this same night, her lover sensed she was in danger, and he rowed his boat as fast as he could in search of her as the storm roared on. Eventually, the crashing waves destroyed his boat and he floated to one of the nearby islands. As the lightning flashed, he caught a glimpse of his soul mate in the distance, but she could not hear his cries because of the howling wind.  He picked up a large rock and began to hammer on the mountain until blood flowed from his hands to let her know he was nearby, but she could not hear him. In his final exhaustion, he too turned to stone in what we now call Trong Cave or the “Male Cave”. This tragic love story has always been known by the local people, even as fishermen used the caves for shelter from storms and the ravages of war. But for young couples, a trip to Trinh Nu Cave is the perfect place to swear their true love to one another. The French named this cave Le Virgin.

Nowadays, in the center of the cave, there is still a stone with the shape of a girl lying down with her long hair looking out to the sea, waiting for her lover to return. Opposite to the Trinh Nu cave is Trong cave (or Male Cave). At the entrance of the Male Cave, you can see a stone-shaped man gazing at Trinh Nu cave for all of eternity, and it’s said by the local people that they can still hear his pained screams, especially during strong storms. The vestiges of the hurricane at that night still exist today – those were the crumbling in the cave, the sound of the wind roaring over the cliffs and the foam still rippling up.


Trong Cave and Trinh Nu Cave not only have many stalactites and beautiful scenes, but also attract tourists because of a very tragic love story. A cave has a horizontal rock that looks like a girl lying with her hair stretched out to the sea, so it is called the Trinh Nu cave. The cave had a very tall stalactite column that looked like a giant standing boy looking out to sea.

Trinh Nu Cave – Trong cave are two names that have become very familiar to domestic and foreign tourists when choosing Ha Long as their destination. Not only attracted by the wonderful beauty that nature has bestowed on these two caves, but the legend of the two caves has been also curious, interesting for many tourists so far.

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