Cong Day Cruises & Vietnam in the past

Plate rack cabinet

is an essential item, presenting in all Vietnamese families. The previous days, there was no refrigerator, the plate rack cabinet was a place to store food, bowls, chopsticks, pots, pans, etc.

Food in the Plate rack cabinet could be stored for 1-2 days, helping to avoid the entry of insects such as ants, cockroaches, mice.

Vietnamese Traditional kitchen:

in the past days in Vietnamese families, people had to mold clay by themselves … According to the Vietnamese conception, the kitchen is a very important place, because this is residence of 3 Mr. and Mrs. Tao Quan (as the kitchen god) (2 men, 1 woman). Every year on the 23rd of December of the Lunar calendar, the Tao Quan will fly to the sky to report to the Jade Emperor about the situation of families in the lower world. So people often avoid to cook near dirty places such as toilets …. When moving to a new home, the kitchen is the first item to be moved and also the first to be used.

Soldier’s water bottle:

This is a type of water bottle equipped for soldiers. After demobilizing, these water bottles follow the soldier back to his homeland, which is very useful for students, farmers when working in the field or at school.


It is an important item in most Vietnamese families, villages and communes. When there was no electricity or TV, newspapers were quite rare at that time, radio was the only means for people to know the current situation, politics, culture, society of Vietnam and the whole world

Vietnamese Pith Helmet:

This is an item that was equipped for the soldiers. After his discharge from the army, the pith helmet followed the soldier back to normal life. This is a very useful item in families so it should be used quite carefully. Pith helmet are sometimes not only for wearing, but also to be containers, to be fans in the summer

Black and white television:

is the object only appeared in Northern Vietnam after 1975s. In the past, the electricity was only enough for people in the city at night and only the qualified families could own the black and white TV, so the TV was not only a means for watching news and entertainment of a family, but sometimes also was a cultural source for the whole neighbourhood.

1G telephone:

In Northern Vietnam before 1990s, telephones were only provided to state agencies, organizations and officials. Until the middle of 1990s, telephones gradually became popular among families in Vietnam 

Hurricane lantern:

In the past, in rural Vietnam, there was no electricity and electricity in big cities was also unstable, so Hurricane lanterns were very important in daily life activities of the Vietnamese community and in families.

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